Maristela Ćuk
In Polyclinic Krhen I received excellent service. I was greeted by pleasant atmosphere in the Lower Town area, in the city center, with a team of experts led by Dr. Krhen who solved all my problems. Very professionally, without pain and stress with fantastic result, with very reasonable prices for services. We highly recommend and give your opinion 5+!

Edo Hadžić
To all of you who have any problems with your teeth I recommend this clinic. Greater professionalism and courtesy never experienced anywhere.
Koraljka Prekratić, 30
I was there last summer…I had my wisdom tooth extracted.. didn’t feel a thing, superb!!! I highly recommend this clinic!

Josip Maslov, 23
I have to say, you’re the best! Thank you for my new perfect smile!

Jana Rukavina, 35
Thanks to you and your proffesional team that painlessly did the surgery I ovarcame the fear of dentists. Greetings, Jana

Josipa Balaković, 27
Hello! I came to you for a tooth extraction surgery. Everything went great from the first examination to the procedure, which was very well executed and most importantly – painless! Keep up the good work:-)!