Prosthodontics today refers to any aesthetic or functional care and repair of natural teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth. The prosthodontist uses artificial teeth and dentures, gold crowns or ceramic crowns to replace the missing or extracted teeth. The prosthodontist is also involved in the replacement of teeth using dental implants.

Keramički most - bezmetalna cirkon keramika


Dental ceramic in prosthodontics has become the gold standard for a number of good properties that other materials do not satisfy. Ceramics are characterized by great hardness, high strength, withstands high temperature changes, is resistant to chemical influences, corrosion, does not conduct electricity, and most important, is biocompatible, does not cause allergies and aesthetically mimics the appearance of real teeth.


Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges are now standard in dental prosthetics for strength and durability, aesthetics and function, and are the most appropriate financial solution for oral rehabilitation.

Keramička krunica
Protetika - Keramikom možemo imitirati izgled prirodnog zuba do u najsitnije detalje - razlika je gotovo neprimjetna


Zirconium-ceramic crowns

Zirconium oxide ceramics features a high strength and dimensional stability, excellent biocompatibility (does not cause allergies and reactions surrounding tissue) and excellent aesthetics (zirconia base under ceramic translucency allows a certain amount of light and white color, as opposed to metals in metal-ceramic solutions where occurs coloring the gum and sifting through the metal). We are able to provide optimal prosthetic solution using modern PRESS and CAD / CAM technology used in the development of the restoration. The system consists of innovative lithium disilicate glass ceramics, used for single-tooth restorations, and very solid zirconium oxide bridges for wide range of cases.

Protetika - Cirkon keramika
Protetika - Bezmetalna cirkon keramika


Full ceramic crowns

Full ceramic crown is the most appropriate solution for perfect aesthetics for the front teeth. Its color, translucency, opalescence, fluorescence and transparency most faithfully captures all the optical properties of a real teeth. We work with ceramic system with best aesthetic and physical properties.

Potpuna keramička krunica - bezmetalna estetska krunica



Veneers are ceramic caps on the front teeth and primarily they have an esthetic function. Indications for veneers are damaged or chipped teeth, trauma or abrasion, teeth damaged by caries, pigmentation teeth that can not be solved by whitening, or to close the gap between the teeth, or simply if you want a nicer smile.

Estetske ljuskice