We present you the fastest solution for replacing missing teeth, dentures secured on only four dental implants that can be done within 24 hours.

All-on-4 stands for the treatment option for complete oral rehabilitation in the shortest time possible.

The candidates for this method are all toothless patients or patients with remaining teeth in poor condition. The advantage of this technique is that it is specifically aimed at patients with very little bone available, which is atrophied in long-term edentulousness or by wearing dentures. All-on-4 procedure avoids bone grafting because there is a different protocol for implant insertion and bone reconstruction is not required. This reduces the treatment time, and most of the discomfort and pain of the patient after surgery.

Placing only 4 implants we can achieve satisfactory static conditions for the complete jaw rehabilitation, as shown by numerous scientific studies that examined the durability of this method.




After the insertion of 4 dental implants the patient is given a temporary prosthesis, and after the necessary period of implant osseointegration patients are given a final restoration.




Many patients are unsatisfied with their existing dentures. The vast majority have difficulty in chewing food, or worse, in speech, thus avoiding any conversation or social events because of their problems with dentures. The last Eurobarometer survey showed that almost every fifth patient presents with such problems!

You do not have to be that ”fifth ‘patient!

Also, many patients are discouraged because they were told that they do not have a sufficient amount of bone for dental implants. Despite our rich clinical experience in bone augmentation, here it’s not even necessary, because of the different protocols in the treatment.
Therefore, many patients will be thrilled with the speed and possibilities of this therapy.



Key features of All-on-4 treatment:

– Minimally invasive surgical procedure
– New teeth in 24 hours
– Quick recovery
– Unnecessary bone augmentation procedures
– Reduced cost and treatment time
– Scientifically proven protocol
– Lifetime Dental Implant Warranty



Nobel Biocare, the inventors of All-on-4 protocol, recommend Dental Clinic Krhen:


Nobel Biocare preporuča Polikliniku Krhen za ugradnju zubnih implantata.


It is time to re-experience all pleasures of life!



Before and after the All-on-4 procedure:

Gallery (case presentation)

All-on-4 case presentation - upper jaw

All-on-4 - case presentation - both jaws

All-on-4 upper jaw and dental implants - zircon ceramic bridge

All-on-6 - dental implants both jaws

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