Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Attempts to replace lost teeth are probably as old as mankind. In the last thirty years, lost tooth can be replaced by a dental implant. Dental implants are constructed from titanium or titanium-zircon alloy, which are incorporated into the bone at the site of insufficient natural teeth.

Your questions about implants

Why do You need dental implants? Is implant treatment a painless procedure? How secure dental implants are for my body? What is the sucess rate of the implants?

On all of your frequently asked questions about dental implants andabout implant-prosthetic treatment answers:

Jurica Krhen, DDS, PhD, ITI Fellow

In our clinic all our patients are personally examined by Dr. Jurica Krhen, he determines the optimal therapy, personally does all the surgeries and follows-ups on his patients long after therapy. With over 20 years of experience in oral surgery and implantology, international and national education and flawless results in implantology, You can feel that you are in safe hands.More about dr. Jurica Krhen you can read here.

The basic characteristics of dental implants:

Titanium dental implants are tapered, biological tolerant, do not induce antigen-antibody reaction, biochemical totally indifferent and remain unchanged in the bone tissue.

Dental implant placement

Placing the dental implant is performed by a special surgical technique under local anesthesia and is completely painless. So embedded implant represents an artificial tooth root on which are fixed a single tooth or multiple teeth in various prosthetic constructions.

Here is a short video of a dental implant placement - quick, safe and painless!

What comes after dental implant placement?

Depending on the indication and the wishes of the patient, and a certain time period of osseointegration, comes the prosthetic phase: crowns and bridges on implants or dentures on implants.

Who is suitable for dental implant rehabilitation?

Today, almost every person is a suitable candidate for implants. Relative contraindications for installation would be some advanced systemic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and the like.
Also, certain anatomical obstacles exist, but it does not represent a bigger problem. Insertion of dental implants is impossible if the bone volume is greatly reduced due to prolonged loss of teeth and wearing an inappropriate removable prosthetic restorations, traumatic tooth extraction, pneumatization of the maxillary sinus and other reasons. Surgical techniques like (GBR) guided bone regeneration or bone grafting replace the lost bone where we want to insert an implant. We use surgical techniques to increase the alveolar ridge bone volume to obtain adequate bone volume for dental implants.

Quality comes first!

In our Clinic we work with the highest quality implants on the market, without compromise! We work with implant systems like Straumann Swiss and Swedish Nobel Biocare .

Both implant systems have excellent results and 30 years of clinical and laboratory research behind them, treatment with them based on “evidence-based protocols” which is good because we as clinicians can rely on them, and with great certainty to plan a course of therapy, and more better for the patient to be worry-free for years to enjoy with their new smile. The composition of these implants is commercially pure titanium, in contrast to the “cheaper” implants that are offered today, which are titanium alloy with other metals, making them significantly less biocompatible.

Nobel Biocare recommends Polyclinic Krhen to install dental implants.

Sinus lift

Loss of teeth in the posterior region of the upper jaw usually reduces bone volume and encourages pneumatization of maxillary sinus so it is necessary to use a sinus lift surgery technique. Surgical technique of sinus lift implies bone grafting of sinus cavity with a specialized material to stimulate bone regeneration and to create solid bone suitable for the insertion of dental implants.

Gallery (case presentation)

Dental implants – Complete upper jaw reconstruction

Dental implants – Complete upper jaw reconstruction

Sinus Lift – X-ray presentation

Sinus Lift – X-ray presentation

Sinus Lift with dental implant placement and ceramic bridge – Case Presentation

Sinus Lift with dental implant placement and ceramic bridge – Case Presentation

Bone augmentation with implants – Case Presentation

Bone augmentation with implants

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