Combination of many years of surgical and dental experience and the use of modern technology are indispensable for successful diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for the patient. Application of 3D technologies in dental practice has become our everyday life. What was once an X-ray, today it's place is taken by a real three-dimensional footage that gives us a clearer and more exact picture of the patient's condition and enabbles us to use all methods of measurements and therapy planning. Plain x-rayed today has evolved into something truly impressive and practical.

With 3D computer diagnostics we can:
- gain insight into the patient's state of the teeth and oral cavity into the smallest details
- with great certainty plan the entire therapy
- show the possibilities of virtual augmentation and implantation and describe to the patient the relationship between his personal desires and the real possibilities


With digital X-ray we can look at all dental structures to the smallest details and it gives us the ability to view images using a big-screen computer. There we can easily explain to the patient what caused the inflammation, which are the structure of the tooth and surrounding bone tissue affected by it and what we will be able to do regarding patient's treatment plan.


Panoramic X-ray or Orthopantomograph represents the condition of the entire upper and lower jaw, which includes all bone and tooth structures, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. As a diagnostic tool, it is the first and most important step in treatment planning necessary in oral surgery, implantology and orthodontics.


CBCT is a three-dimensional X-ray of the new generation which shows us all the structures in high quality necessary for diagnosis and planning the most complex of dental procedures. It is irreplaceable in complex dental implant cases. With the possibility of virtual implantation we can present to the patient his treatment plan or we can plan templates for 3D guided implantology.

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