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Why Polyclinic Krhen

Experience, proven expertise and quality

Reasons for choosing us:

Proven Expertise

Krhen Clinic offers a top team of specialist specialists with many years of experience and constant international education in modern dentistry will solve all your problems with your teeth.
The ITI Commission (International Team for Implantology), consisting of the most prominent members of the implantology field, was Dr Juricu Krhen promoted to ITI Fellow after a month-long review and review of his 20-year work. directory

Technology and Eligible Cost

The equipment of the polyclinic is at European and world level. We are constantly striving for technological advancement so that we can provide our patients with the most modern world brands in our services. The latest diagnostic radiology in the form of RVG, RTG and CT can fully diagnose your tooth condition and adequately solve your every problem.
The equipment and work price can be compete with other doctors, while the quality of final work and patient satisfaction is imperative in our business.

Individual access and excellent results

The Krhen Polyclinic offers a professional approach to your patients with individual access and thus achieving the desired results as soon as possible. Satisfied patients are leaving our polyclinic thanks to our individual approach and quality of work, which is our greatest motivation and guarantee.

Use of the highest quality materials

At Polyclinic Krhen we work with the world's best dental implants, the Swiss STRAUMANN system and the Swedish system NOBEL BIOCARE. With Straumann and Nobel Biocare we have twenty years of experience and countless embedded implants and satisfied patients. By using the best materials we can achieve results according to European standards.

Patient Recommendations

From 2015 to 2019, we found the list of doctors selected as the best in the Republic of Croatia by the recommendations of the patients, and for that year we were awarded the certificate of excellence in the field of oral surgery.


  • E. H.

    To all of you who have any problems with your teeth I recommend this clinic. Greater professionalism and courtesy never experienced anywhere.

  • K. P.

    I was there last summer...I had my wisdom tooth extracted.. didn't feel a thing, superb!!! I highly recommend this clinic!

  • J. M

    I have to say, you're the best! Thank you for my new perfect smile!

  • J. R.

    Thanks to you and your proffesional team that painlessly did the surgery I ovarcame the fear of dentists. Greetings, J.

  • J. B.

    Hello! I came to you for a tooth extraction surgery. Everything went great from the first examination to the procedure, which was very well executed and most importantly - painless! Keep up the good work:-)!

  • M. Ć.

    In Polyclinic Krhen I received excellent service. I was greeted by pleasant atmosphere in the Lower Town area, in the city center, with a team of experts led by Dr. Krhen who solved all my problems. Very professionally, without pain and stress with fantastic result, with very reasonable prices for services. We highly recommend and give your opinion 5+!


    By choosing us, we guarantee you

    All dental implants are placed by experienced and internationally recognized specialist in oral surgery

    Individual approach and professional care of the patient

    Superior materials and technology at the highest level

    Lifetime dental implant warranty on all our implant systems

    Happy and satisfied smile

    Experience, expertise and internationally verified quality

    1.Dental Clinic Krhen works with the best quality dental implants on the market, Swiss Straumann system and the Swedish Nobel Biocare. With Straumann and Nobel Biocare we have twenty years of experience with countless implants successfully placed and with highest patient satisfaction.

    2.Verified expertise – ITI Committee (International Team for Implantology) which consists of world’s most experienced practitioners in the field of dental implantology promoted Dr. Jurica Krhen to ITI Fellow after the review of his 20 years of work in implantology.

    3. Top quality with acceptable prices – using the highest quality materials and equipment with prices reduced up to 70% compared to other European countries. Patient satisfaction is imperative in our business.

    4. Excellent results in shortest time possible – every patient is professionally and individually taken care of and thus achieved the desired results in the shortest time possible.

    Lifetime Dental Implant Warranty - guarantee:

    Regular maintenance of tooth hygiene:

    Hygiene of the oral cavity is the main precondition for the longevity of your implants.

    At least one control per year and cleaning the area around the implants.

    Using an interdental brush around the implant and mouthwash.

    Deep brushing twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

    Use a mouth cavity shower appliance (eg Waterpik).


    Klapan Polylinic Medical Group

    – Otorhinolaryngology
    – Plastic surgery
    – Allergology
    – Surgery – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
    – Internal Medicine
    – Anesthesiology

    Zagreb – Ilica 191/a, 1. Kat

    Bilic Vision Polyclinic

    - Eye examination
    - Operations of cataracts
    - Laser vision correction LASIK and PRK method
    - Aesthetic correction of eyelids, rejuvenation and Botox fillers
    - Orthopedic examinations and surgery
    - Excellent team of doctors using the latest technology

    Zagreb - Ksaverska cesta 45

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