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About us


In the city center near Zagreb's most beautiful city square - Cvjetni trg (Flower square) – we have oped our Clinic and we are continually improving our services, raising them to a higher level. Over the years we have participated in many international and national congresses and symposia in the field of dental medicine, especially in dental implantology. All procedures are performed in accordance with modern international standards, with the intention of providing high quality services to our patients during dental treatment to make them feel more comfortable and safe.

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Jurica Krhen, DDS, PhD

Jurica Krhen was born in Zagreb. He finished elementary and dental high school in Zagreb. In year 1983 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, and in the 1987 he defended the Master’s thesis in the field of dental prosthetics. In 1993 he specialised in oral surgery, and in 2008 he defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of oral surgery.
Since 1985 to 2006 he worked at the Dental Polyclinic Zagreb (Perkovčeva), city’s main dental treatmant center, last ten years as a Head of the Department of Oral Surgery, few years before that even as a Clinic Headmaster. After 2006 started working solely privatly in ”Polyclinic Krhen”. He participated on training courses in the field of dental implantology in Europe and all over the world:



Promotion to ITI Fellow BASEL 2015.
International Team for Implantology – World Symposium – GENEVA 2010.
International Team for Implantology – World Symposium – NEW YORK 2007.
Master’s Course in GBR and Sinus Grafting Procedures – UNIVERSITäT BERN 2007.
Klaus Lang Symposium – UNIVERSITäT BERN 2008.
Straumann Bone Level Practise Course – Knittelfeld AUSTRIA 2008.
FDI Annual World Congress – SHENZEN, CHINA 2006.
Straumann Practise Course – SWISS 2003.
European Association for Osseointegration – 11th Scientific Annual Congress – BRUSSELS 2002.
Accademia Italiana Di Odontoiatria Protesica – BOLOGNA 1996.
Klinischen Implantologiepraktikum – LAINZ Krankenhaus WIEN 1996.
International Kongerss Osteology – WIEN 1995.
Klinischen Implantologiepraktikum – LAINZ Krankenhaus WIEN 1995.

Professional workshops, hands-on courses, education and lectures in Croatia and the region:
ITI Study Club Zagreb – held 3x a year, with lectures and discussions about ”up-to-date” implantology 2010.-2014.
International Congress of the Croatian Society of Dental Implantology – Zagreb 2007., Zadar 2009., Opatija 2011., Varaždin 2013.
BioHorizons Annual Meeting – Beograd 2012.
PerioImplant – Opatija 2008.
Aesthetic implant rehabilitation and bone augmentation – Zagreb 2005.
Advance Training Course – Noble BioCare – Zagreb 2004.
Alpe-Adria Implantology Conress – Opatija 2003.


He held courses in dental implantology for the Straumann system. He participates in many national and international congresses. He is the author or coauthor of several professional and scientific papers. Member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Society of Oral Surgery, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology and the ITI Fellow (International Team for Implantology).


Tomislav Krhen, MSc

Tomislav Krhen was born in Zagreb in 1985. He finished elementary and high school in Zagreb and started dental college at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb in 2003. He is following all modern trends in dental medicine, goes to local and foreign conferences and further improves himself in various dental courses.

After graduation from dental school, he also started and finished the 2-year postgraduate specialist programme at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb. Master’s Thesis was written about esthetic outcomes after augmentation procedures and implant placement.

In 2015 he finished a 1-year scholarship programm at University Clinic Bonn in Germany. He was granted an ITI (International Team for Implantology) scholarship for education and training at the Department of Oral Surgery and Implantology.

He is currently also working as a surgical resident at the University Clinic , Department of Oral Surgery in Zagreb.


Continuing education:

  • ITI Scholarship Program1-year scholarship programm at University Clinic Bonn in Germany 2014. – 2015.
  • Postgraduate specialist programme – 2-year progemme at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb, title Master of Science.
  • 3D planning in implantology – ITI Study Club, Bonn 2015.
  • Implant therapy in periodontally compromised patients- ITI Study Club, Zagreb 2015.
  • Lasers in implantology – ITI Study Club, Bonn 2015.
  • Soft tissue management in implantology- ITI Workshop – Düsseldorf 2015.
  • Peri-implantitis and complication management  – Geistlich Workshop – Dortmund 2015.
  • Vertical augmentation in implantology – Geistlich Workshop – Baden Baden 2015.
  • Osteology Symposium – Baden Baden 2015.
  • Plastic periodontal surgery – Botiss Academy – Bonn 2015.
  • ITI Kongress – Dresden 2015.
  • Straumann Forum Young Professionals – Düsseldorf 2015.
  • Aprobation – licence for work as a dentist in Germany- Köln 2014.
  • DGI Kongress – Düsseldorf 2014.
  • Socket preservation or immediate implant placement – ITI Study Club, Bonn 2014.
  • Systemic diseases and their manifestation in oral cavity – Zagreb 2013.
  • HDDI Kongres – Croatian Society for Dental Implantology – Varaždin 2013., Zagreb 2007.
  • PRP and PRF in dental implantology – ITI Study Club, Zagreb 2013.
  • Implant therapy with Astra-Tech system- Opatija 2012.
  • ITI World Symposium – Geneva 2010., New York 2007.
  • Ceramic works – treatment concept – Opatija 2011.

Katarina Perić, DMD

Dr. med. dent. Marija Magdalenic-Mestrovic

Nurse Kristina Šimić

Administrator Ivana Bader

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